Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chronic Pain Is a Story Unto Itself

There are approximately 50 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain, back pain being one of the leading causes of disability. And unfortunately, about 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Statistics show that low back pain is the most common type of pain, followed by severe headache or migraine, neck pain, and facial pain.

It is easy to understand with these statistics why chronic pain has now reached epidemic proportions, and when it lasts for long periods of time, pain controls every aspect of a person’s life. People with chronic pain are four times more likely to have attempted suicide than others not suffering from persistent pain. Patients with chronic pain are discriminated against in the work place and even their symptoms are discriminately categorized by race, gender and age by many medical professionals.

There are many books written about living with chronic pain, coping with pain, and understanding pain. There are numerous health guides to treatment and causes of chronic pain along with societies, communities, organizations, blogs, and support groups on the internet for people who are living with chronic pain. All of these resources are extremely helpful, however; they are crucial evidence that patients who suffer from chronic pain are seeking comfort, coping skills, and affirmation of their daily suffering.

With all of this information readily available, why did I write another book about a chronic pain story? The answer is simple. I am a chronic pain patient with a twenty-five year history. I chose the medical field as my profession long before I suffered from chronic pain and even with my medical expertise and all the advantages I had to the best healthcare providers, I still became a statistic. I endured five major spinal surgeries which created the perfect environment for unrelenting pain that medical science could not cure.

So I wrote a realistic, inspirational story about a woman whose chronic pain takes on a life of its own, a demon that destroys her spirit, breaks her body and damages her mind. The book “Heal Me, Mend Me, Use Me, Send Me” follows many of the same circumstances that shaped my life as I lost my husband, my family, and my career before I was humbled by total disability. And just like the main character in the story, God was able to restore me through His mercy and grace. I no longer suffer from depression or alcohol abuse as I continue to live with my sometimes overwhelming pain.

But most of all, I live with hope. There is hope because God is able to restore our lives. He performs miracles today just like He did as recorded in the Bible, for He is the same today as He was yesterday. And I hope that this story can introduce you to the Great Physician, for He alone can do what medical science can not accomplish; He can heal.

I am anxiously awaiting the d├ębut of my first book, “Heal Me, Mend Me, Use Me, Send Me” which is being published by Tate Publishing, and I have already begun a sequel novel with a surprising twist that I hope you will enjoy!

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