How do I Live with Chronic Pain?

  • The Mind
    • Our thoughts are connected to the degree of pain that we experience. Anyone who has chronic pain knows that when we are upset, angry, sad, or depressed, our chronic pain increases.
    • A pain therapist gave me an expression he called, "Stinking Thinking".
    • "Stinking Thinking" happens whenever we are in pain and we start thinking about the negatives.
      • This pain will last forever!
      • I will never ever get well!
      • I can't survive this pain!
      • I give up!
      • I want to do this and I can't! I'm so angry that I'm going to lose it!
      • The pain is going to increase if I try that.
      • I can't do this anymore!
      • God won't answer my prayers.
      • I'm disabled! I'm not normal anymore! I'm___________ fill in the blank!
    • By eliminating our "stinking thinking", together we can help each other reduce our pain levels.
  • The Body
    • Many pain patients must rely on their physicians to assist their control of their condition.
    • We may have to use medications, injections, therapies, or procedures.
    • Together, we can assist our physicians by following their directions and exercising the body. But the hardest part is following directions. If you are supposed to walk to the mailbox and back, don't try to walk around the block! If you are supposed to exercise, do it!
  • The Spirit
    • God created all of us to be spiritual beings. He longs to communicate with us and develop a personal relationship with us.
    • God listens to our prayers. He knows our needs and He cares.
    • We are never alone when we are suffering.
    • God has good plans for our lives that doesn't involve living in pain
    • God wants to heal us!
So come follow my journey to restoration of my health and join in to restore your health too! Together we will use the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit to conquer our pain that controls our lives.

How are we going to do this?
Just commit and follow along with me everyday. I want to hear from you on how you are doing each day and together we will encourage each other on our journey back to health.